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Alexander Hamilton's Blue Flora Celtica Iris 1-12

Image of Alexander Hamilton's Blue Flora Celtica Iris 1-12


The prints created from the original photograms, for the exhibition at the Foksal Gallery in Warsaw 2008. The exhibition Blue Flora Celtica, celebrated Hamilton’s connection to the German artist Joseph Beuys.

"Seminal to Beuys work, and crucial to his subsequent international recognition as a dynamic and forward-thinking European artist, was his contribution to the exhibition Strategy: Get Arts, held during the Edinburgh Festival in 1970. I worked as a studio assistant for this exhibition and became a key witness to the actions executed by the plethora of innovative artists participating in the exhibition. They were doing so in an effort to broaden Edinburgh and Britains engagement with international art. This offered me opportunity to gain direct contact with artists such as Blinky Palermo, Richter, and of course, Beuys."

Date: 2008
Print size: 50cm x 65cm
Edition size: 30